Collection of Pre-Columbian Pottery


Collection of Pre-Columbian Pottery

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Throughout North, Central and South America, archeological evidence proves exceptional mastery in ceramics in the Pre-Columbian era. Pottery became the history books of these cultures–a visual mechanism to express and pass on knowledge of the world-as they did not yet have a written language system.

We have this remarkable collection of pottery from a private collector. Please call the showroom if you are interested.

Costa Rican Pre-Columbian Three Legged Pot

Costa Rican Pre-Columbian Face Bowl

Panamanian Pre-Columbian Footed Bowl

Peruvian Pre-Columbian Naska Jar

Cochle Panamanian Pre-Columbian Taza Pedestal Plate

Rare Costa Rican Pre-Columbian Small Turtle Vase

Pre-Columbian Pottery:
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